UselessBot - Discord's most useless bot


Do you want a Discord bot thats useless? Here's one!

You can add UselessBot to your server by clicking here!

UselessBot isn't as useless as it may sound. It can help with moderation and simplifying tasks. For example, you can say !ring @user while you're in a voice channel and UselessBot will invite that user to join.

Another cool feature is !vcsay. !vcsay is a command that allows you to use text-to-speech in a voice channel.

UselessBot can also be fun. You can use commands like !slap to generate an image of someone slapping your friend's profile picture, or roast your friends with !roast. There's also !rockpaperscissors, which allows you to play rock paper scissors against UselessBot.

UselessBot isn't completely useless, so it's worth adding to your server!